The search for a perfect hygienic mousepad

Because we are in the business of hygienic keyboards and mouses, we’ve always had lots of demand for a hygienic mousepad solution. Being in this market for over 10 years, we’ve seen many attempts. Our own first attempt was not a bad one, the surface was easy to clean and the mouse was working smooth on it. Every year we ordered about a thousand units with our logo and branding on it and used it as a give-away. We were quite happy, however there were two problems. The first one was that it wouldn’t stick to some desk surfaces and causing it to move around. Some people solved this by taping it down to the desk, but this is not a hygienic solution. The second problem arised when we wanted to buy some new stock a few years ago. The factory said they didn’t make it anymore! Suddenly we had to find a new mousepad, but this wasn’t too easy. For two years we tried everything, from silicon, to glass, soft-cloths and even thought about aluminum. The problem with silicon was it often was not smooth enough and the mouse movements were not optimally registered. The aluminum and glass were too expensive and the soft-cloths move around too much. So finally when we found something that fit our standards of being waterproof, cleanable, sticky enough and even be able to withstand alcohol. We were still skeptical, so we asked a microbiologist from the hospital to have a look at it. He approved and finally a search of maybe 2+  years was over and we ordered 4000 pieces. If you would like to receive one, let us know!

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