Medigenic Keyboard Essential Mouse used in offices medical rooms

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Innovative IT solutions ensure quality care. Our unique designs cater to demanding medical environments, creating a better environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Browse the range below. For any queries, feel free to call or email us. We stand ready to assist you. 


Medical keyboard & mouse

In collaboration with the UCHL,
Medigenic develops medically certified keyboards and mice. These devices feature a completely flat surface for easy and thorough cleaning.
A unique cleaning alert reminds you to disinfect regularly.


Hospital bracelet and patient ID barcode wristbands

Laserband crafts all-in-one wristband printing solutions for patient identification. Our Laserband wristband assures patient safety and comfort. It optimizes workflow and saves costs.


Anti-microbial case system for iPad

The Tough-PAC is designed for medical use and is safe to disinfect with the regular agents used in the hospital. Tough-PAC
provides protection against drops, bumps, and moisture.

Alt Waterproof

Waterproof Keyboard and Mouse

Alt has developed its own Waterproof keyboard and mouse that would be perfectly suited for medical offices and flexible workspaces. It’s a hygienic keyboard without it looking like a medical keyboard.  

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