We put the soft in hardware and our soul in solutions. 

Alt is a Dutch company from Groningen, Netherlands. We innovate and uphold equality. We ship products worldwide. Our items elevate life, work, and education. We cater to hospitals, schools, homes, and offices. We stand ready to help.


Boosting education through our IT solutions. Clevy learning tools enhance studies for kids, students and adults.


We understand that every individual has unique requirements and we provide that with our assistive technology.


Hardware that can be cleaned in one go, special developed for hospitals and dentists. 

Office pro

Keyboards with unique designs and the ultimate typing experience for the office or gaming. 

Low vision

Alt specially developed hardware for different versions of low vision, to assist in daily life. 

Our brands

We have many different brands in our catalog, with unique products for various target groups. Take a look.

Alt. Create.

Alt pursues a future of equality and inclusivity, ensuring equal opportunities for all. We enhance daily life with our products. We simplify life. Control. Alt. Create. 

Contact and support

Hearing from our customers thrills us. Your experiences with our products are valuable to us. Reach out to us anytime for questions or support. 

Become a partner

Our products reaching global corners delights us. We collaborate with a global network of resellers to make this happen. Reach out to discover the possibilities.