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Thoughtful solutions for the visually impaired

The digital world poses challenges, especially for the visually impaired. Recognizing this, our team crafted solutions to break barriers and ensure unprecedented accessibility.

We don’t just offer products. We assist, guide, and deliver total solutions. We see technology as an empowerment tool for the visually impaired. We prioritize accessibility. Join us in a digital future where everyone belongs.

We offer specialized hardware for the visually impaired. Our low-vision keyboard stands out. It has unique features for easy use and typing. We strive to empower everyone, removing any digital hurdles they might face.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard

Mechanical contrasting keyboard

Clevy has a keyboard that is specifically designed for individuals with visual impairments. This essential keyboard with a high-contrast color scheme and extra clear font, enables users to type with ease and comfort.

Alt ClearKeys Keyboard

A user-friendly keyboard for the visually impaired

ClearKeys is our own low-vision keyboard designed for people with visual impairments. With highly contrasting colors, a bigger font, and optimal typing comfort, this keyboard is an ideal pick for every user. 

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Alt pursues a future of equality and inclusivity, ensuring equal opportunities for all. We enhance daily life with our products. We simplify life. Control. Alt. Create.

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