Fun software for learning typing and reading

The software offers letter, word, spelling, and number exercises compatible with the Clevy Keyboard. These exercises have clear graphics and auditory support, providing essential feedback for learning. 

ABC Maestro compatible with Clevy

Pupils with special educational needs

The program tailors to students with special educational needs, focusing on writing, typing, and reading skills. It benefits those struggling with attention, fine motor skills, visual perception, and eye coordination. It’s also ideal for individuals with cognitive challenges, dyslexia, or a mix of these issues. 

Customizable software

ABC Maestro software has adaptable settings tailored each student’s needs. The exercises start easy and get harder, allowing users to enhance their skills continuously. 

Available as both a home (1 user) and classroom (3+ users) version.

Clevy Keyboard

Abc Maestro combined with the Clevy Keyboard gives an ultimate learning experience for kids. The Clevy Keyboard is a strong, durable keyboard that looks appealing by the colors which makes it fun and less intimidating to use for kids. The key and character sizes are different, this keyboard has a solid construction, is spillproof and the bright colors all have a function. Visit Clevy to find out more. 

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