Medical keyboard and mouse

You can easily clean flat surfaces. That’s why Medigenic keyboards have a flat top. Their unique silicone compound makes typing comfortable and resists disinfectants. In an AMC comparative test, Medigenic keyboards outperformed seven other brands.

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Hygienic, Washable, and Easy to Clean Medical Mouse. Perfect for healthcare professionals.

Compact model of the Medigenic Compliance keyboard. Same features with a different format.

A washable medical keyboard with a built-in cleaning reminder.

The budget version of the Medigenic Medical keyboard, without the cleaning reminder. It’s still washable and cleanable.

Easy cleaning in four steps

* The cleaning reminder is only available for Medigenic Compliance and Medigenic Compact Compliance

Medigenic receiving alert cleaning instructions

1. Alert received from keyboard

After using the keyboard for a while, you will automatically receive an alert in the form of flashing lights on top of the keyboard when it is time for you to clean the keyboard. 

Medigenic disable keyboard cleaning step instruction

2. Disable the keyboard

Before you start cleaning, make sure you disable to keyboard to prevent accidentally pressing keys while cleaning. 

Medigenic cleaning step wipe disinfectant light pressure

3. Clean the keyboard

Clean the keyboard with a disinfectant wipe while using light pressure. Clean until the lights stop flickering. 

Medigenic cleaning step ready to use typing

4. Turn on the keyboard

Turn on the keyboard again and proceed working with the keyboard. 

Cleaning tutorial

Replacable silicone covers

Antwerp University Hospital purchased Medigenic keyboards for the ICU in 2012. Seven years later, the IT department reached out to us. The keyboards worked well, but constant use had faded the letters. Luckily, they only had to replace the silicone cover, not the whole keyboard.

Medigenic keyboard and mouse in action

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