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Colorful keyboards, accessories and assistive add-ons

Clevy is developed and produced by Alt. Often in cooperation with colleges and universities. By combining scientific knowledge with practical knowledge, well thought-out and unique products are created that meet the needs of the user.

Products designed for (special) education

We develop Clevy products for primary and special education students based on thorough research. They enhance computer use for young learners. Clevy items stand out for their quality, vibrant design, and durability. 

Highlighted products

Discover Clevy’s catalog with a variety of products, including the keyboards with multiple language layouts not shown here. To explore all available language options, visit our Clevy website.

Headphones made specifically for children that is safe and easy to use.

Specialized dyslexia software with silicone add-on.

A high contrast keyboard for people with low vision.

Mechanical keyboard with colorful keys for children, with and without special needs.

A smaller sized kids mouse with colorful buttons.

A strong add-on made from plastic that enables the user to rest their hands.

A silicone based cover for dirt and liquid protection.

Clevy extensions and add-ons

Clevy offers various extensions and accessories for a diverse audience. Keyboard users with physical, mental, or visual challenges greatly benefit from our keyboards, with or without the optional Keyguard. For children with dyslexia or those struggling with sound automation, Clevy introduces the Dyscover tool. 

Clevy accessories

Besides keyboards, we make other accessories as well. We offer kids mouses and safe-to-listen headphones for children. These special headphones with a durable construction have a limited decibel, there is no parental control needed for these headphones. 

Get in touch

Are you interested in Clevy? Send us a request for a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Do you have questions about Clevy? Feel free to contact us! 

Clevy educational- and assistive technology products are distributed worldwide through a large network of international distributors and resellers.

About us

Alt pursues a future of equality and inclusivity, ensuring equal opportunities for all. We enhance daily life with our products. We simplify life. Control. Alt. Create.

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Hearing from our customers thrills us. Your experiences with our products are valuable to us. Reach out to us anytime for questions or support.

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