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Improved education through our unique IT solutions

We boost education through our IT solutions. Clevy learning tools enhance studies for kids, students and adults. Our storage systems keep laptops and tablets safe. Get ready for the future of learning with us.

Colorful keyboards and accessories

Clevy offers keyboards and accessories. Our Clevy product line perfectly addresses playful keyboard skill learning and the needs of a broad spectrum of special keyboard users. Additionally, our robust headphones with volume limits ensure safe listening on devices like MP3 players or PCs.

ABC Maestro

Educative software

ABC Maestro is a unique software program designed to teach typing and spelling through play. This software is perfectly compatible with our Clevy Keyboard.

Smartcharg IT

Charging cart for 32 mobile devices

Smartcharge IT is our trolley that complements the digital study area perfectly. This versatile device stores and charges up to 32 devices of up to 15.6″. Its compact design saves space. This laptop charging station is an intelligent system with surge protection to minimize power load.  

Educative technology

Our goal is to help children use the computer and learn to type and read. Our goal is to create as many special solutions as we can with our products. In collaboration with various experts, we try to improve our products and make add-ons that enhance the final result. For a better learning experience for kids. 

About us

Alt champions an inclusive future with equal chances for all. Our products simplify and enhance daily life. Control. Alt. Create.

Contact and Support

Hearing from our customers thrills us. Your experiences with our products are valuable to us. Reach out to us anytime for questions or support.

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Our products reaching global corners delights us. We collaborate with a global network of resellers to make this happen. Reach out to discover the possibilities.