Themed Mechanical Keyboards

As trusted distributors of these high-performance peripherals, we’re thrilled to bring you the ultimate typing experience of Varmilo mechanical keyboards. Designed for both gamers and professionals, these themed and ornate keyboards deliver a level of responsiveness and comfort that sets a new standard in the world of mechanical key switches. 

Varmilo Moonlight Highlighted

Themed keyboards

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a professional in search of a keyboard that reflects your unique personality, we’ve got you covered. From the vibrant blue colors of the Summit R2 keyboard to the more neutral grey keys of the Charcoal keyboard, our themed keyboards are designed to take your setup to the next level. Explore a variety of eye-catching designs and themed collections that cater to every taste.

Highlighted products

Explore our popular keyboard collection in the Netherlands, or visit our full catalog on the Varmilo website.

Varmilo VEA108 Sea Melody MX Brown

Varmilo VEA108 Moonlight keyboard with Cherry MX Silent Red Switches

Varmilo VEA108 CMYK Vintage Days keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches

Varmilo VEA108 Charcoal keyboard with Cherry MX Silent Red Switches

Mechanical switches

Varmilo employs mechanical switches in their keyboards, and the advantage of using mechanical switches lies in their exceptional tactile feedback. You can lightly press a key, and it will register a keystroke, which is particularly beneficial for those who frequently engage in fast typing or gaming.

Furthermore, a majority of the Varmilo keyboards in our selection come with a silent typing option. These keyboards feature a different mechanical switch designed to minimize typing noise. 

Great quality for a great price

Mechanical keyboards can often come with a hefty price tag, especially when customizing one from scratch. If you’re looking to explore the world of mechanical keyboards without the need for time-consuming and costly setups, Varmilo could be your ideal entry point. With Varmilo, there’s no need for any personal configuration once you receive the keyboard – it’s ready for immediate use.

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