The new model of the Clevy Hearsafe

Today we have the first part of the new ClevyHearsafe and we are more than happy with the end result. 

Here’s an introduction to what’s new and why. 

Dimensions for children

These headphones are not too big and not too small. It is specially made for children.  

Glossy coating

At first sight rubber coating seemed the best option, because it gives that “good for kids” feeling. But we didn’t go for rubber coating as it is less hygienic and rubber has the problem of becoming sticky after a few years. 

We then compared 3 types of coating: matte, silk and shiny. We finally chose shiny UV coating as research showed that it was the most hygienic. It was also the most scratch-resistant option and the easiest to clean. After all, what child doesn’t like a shiny product? 

Sound Quality

We researched and wore out many speakers to get a better sound quality than the previous models. We finally succeeded thanks to the new 40mm driver. 

Memory foam ear cushions

The new memory foam ear cushions also help with the sound quality as these cushions adapt better to the ears. It is also much more comfortable on the ears. 


This new model is also limited to 85dB, but now that is done in the headphones themselves instead of in the cable. This gives a much better result than the previous models, since the sound of the previousHearsafe caused some interference when the volume was pushed too much. 


There is now a Jackmate feature. Each Hearsafe has two female jack ports, allowing up to 5 headphones to be connected to one device. 


With our previous model there were some problems with the wire. Therefore we had developed a sturdier wire and added this to the new Hearsafe headphones. 1.5 meters long, partially coiled and very sturdy. The wire has two male connectors so it can eject itself if pulled too hard. 


The Left and Right signs are written large on the earpads, instead of very small on the inside of the headband. This is easier for children. 

Protection case

If you have a Hearsafe purchased, you will also receive a strong protective case. It also comes with a hook to easily hang the case on a backpack or coat rack. The headphones fit perfectly in the hook. It is easy and extra hygienic. 

Identification stickers

The case also includes ID stickers. Children can write down their name (and class) so the headphones don’t go from head to head when there are multiple users and multiple headphones. Besides putting a sticker on the headphones, you can also put a sticker on the case so the right headphones stay in the right case. 

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