Custom cookies for our new company name: Alt cookies!

Custom cookies for our new company name: Alt cookies!  The idea of making cookies for colleagues was born when we played around with 3D printing and our new logo. A few moments later a cookie-stamp rolled out of the printer! We were so enthusiastic about it, we dreamed about launching our new name with giving not only our colleagues but also our customers the joy of home-made cookies and plug our new company name Alt as a bonus.  However the 3D printed cookie stamp had a problem, it was quite time consuming to make cookies this way. With customers all over the world it would’ve taken us weeks to produce enough cookiesLuckily we found a faster solution, with the laser-engraved rolling pin. This boosted up our cookie making abilities by ten-fold!  In the end Arienne made more than a 1000 cookies in a weekend and we’ve send them around the world together with our launch announcement and event invitation. 

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