Varmilo mechanical keyboards

At Alt, we love mechanical keyboards and the ones from Varmilo are a sight for sore eyes. When we were introduced to the manufacturer, we immediately formed a bond that only keyboard nerds can have with each other.

Keyboard art

Varmilo sets the bar high when it comes to quality and design. So high that they call it “art”, whether you agree is up to you. In any case, we think there are some gems in there. Sometimes the designs are so unique that not many of them are made.

Mechanische switches

The advantage of mechanical switches is that you do not have to press a key all the way down to have the keystroke registered. Especially gamers benefit from this, but also professions that want to type fast. Think of journalists, lawyers or chat operators.

Silent typing

The most heard complaint about a mechanical keyboard is the loud sound. Thanks to the Cherry MX silent series, this is now also a thing of the past. In many cases, you can type on it more quietly than on a normal keyboard.

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Online reviews

On Youtube you can find a lot of reviews of mechanical keyboards. Here is the review of the VA87 Varmilo model.

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