Smartcharge Laptop carts and charging cabinets

Ideal for the
class room

Smartcharge products are designed to help organize the digital classroom.

Everything neatly in one place, efficient charging and easy to transport from classroom to classroom. Also all adapters and cables are easily stowed without tangling.

Features of the Smartcharge

smartcharge - charge up to 30 laptops all in ones

Smart Charging

When connecting a lot of laptops to the power circuit at once, a peak voltage occurs. This can trigger the circuit breaker in the fuse box. The Smartcharge laptoptrolley contains a peak voltage limiter, that prevents this. The software also measures whether all the laptops can be charged simultaneously or whether it is wiser to charge some of them first.

Safely stored

When your valuable laptops or tablets are not in use, they need to be secured. With the Smartcharge products, this is well thought through so that it’s easily done in everyday practice.


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