Optimal hygiene and maximum typing comfort

Medigenic hygienic keyboards

The top of a Medigenic keyboard is completely flat and therefore easy to clean. Disconnection is not necessary because of the built-in on/off button. Quick and practical to use, because regular cleaning is only done when it is easy to do.

What the hospital says

“As an infection prevention expert, I am positive about and encourage the use of the Medigenic keyboard”

Hein Schotsman

“In the UMCG, Medigenic has been used satisfactorily for many years and is still being rolled out further in various departments.”

Gies Bakker

Regular cleaning and disinfection

The best method to prevent the spread of bacteria and/or viruses is regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are touched frequently. At dentists, the hygiene protocol is that all surfaces within the splash zone must be cleaned after each treatment. Watch the video to see how easy this is with the Medigenic keyboard.

What the dentist says

At JTV Mondzorg voor kids and De Zorgzame Tandarts, we are continually investing in optimal quality. A few years ago we were looking for easy, hygienic keyboards for our ten practices. With the support of our ICT service provider and our Quality Officer, we selected the Medigenic keyboards on the basis of a number of criteria. After a positive test in the treatment environment, we purchased these keyboards. We can now conclude that the keyboards are still very much to our liking. A must, in our opinion.

Exclusive distributor

Alt is the exclusive Medigenic distributor in the Benelux and France. We are committed to always have enough stock in house, so that hospitals, dentists and laboratories can always count on us. For more references, please check Medigenic.nl

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