• Clevy Hearsafe with casing
  • Clevy Hearsafe top side
  • Clevy Hearsafe with casing all accesories
  • Clevy Hearsafe pairing double
  • Clevy Hearsafe Front
  • Clevy Hearsafe Case Opened Wire
  • Clevy Hearsafe Zoomed In Name Sticker
  • Clevy Hearsafe Zoomed In hearsafe logo
  • Clevy-Hearsafe

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Clevy Hearsafe 3

This sturdy headphone is specifically designed for children, ensuring both safety and ease of use. It features a built-in decibel limiter set at 85 dB, a safe volume level for children's ears. As a result, parental guidance is not required when using this headphone.
Product code: 103093

Clevy Hearsafe 3

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