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Clevy Keyboard
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Clevy Dyscover

Clevy is developed and produced by Alt. Often in cooperation with colleges and universities. By combining scientific knowledge with practical knowledge, well thought-out and unique products are created that meet the needs of the user.

Product development for (special) education

Clevy products are developed for primary and special education students and are based on extensive research. The products provide an educationally responsible contribution to the use of computers by (young) children. Clevy products are characterized by high quality, a colorful design and a robust appearance.

Clevy extensions and accessories

With numerous extensions and accessories, Clevy serves a wider target group. For instance, a wide range of keyboard users with physical, mental or visual disabilities can benefit greatly from the use of our keyboards, whether or not equipped with the optional Keyguard. With the Dyscover, Clevy also offers the language tool for children with dyslexia or students who otherwise have difficulty automating sounds. 

Worldwide distribution

Clevy products are distributed worldwide through a large network of international distributors and resellers. 

About us

Alt is committed to a fair, inclusive future - a future in which everyone has equal opportunities. We do this with products that make everyday life better. And easier. Control. Alt. Create.

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