Clevy, the assistive technology brand from Alt.

Technology’s integral role in our lives reshapes our communication, learning, and self-expression. Yet, for people with motor impairments, children, and those with low vision, utilizing technology poses significant challenges. Nevertheless, assistive technology empowers these individuals to fully participate in digital platforms.

In our modern world, we actively navigate and embrace new ideas, prompting our company to take bold steps. We aim not just to create new designs or add functionality to our products but to shape extraordinary solutions. We craft these solutions to not only meet client needs but to enhance their lives and businesses.

We recognize that our strength lies not in our physical offices or lines of code but in our diverse, creative team. The real magic happens when these brilliant minds collaborate to solve problems, innovate, and share ideas. We thrive on the belief that special solutions create victories we all share and celebrate.

With our mission to help people with special needs and develop assistive technology products, we made several hardware and software Clevy products:

Clevy products for assistive technology. Clevy colorful keyboard.

Clevy Keyboard

The robust and durable Clevy Keyboard accommodates special needs users with a range of accessories. Larger keys by 30% and four times larger characters than average make for easy accessibility, aligning with educational font standards. The keys, arranged vertically, optimize hand positioning for kids, and the design removes unnecessary keys for an uncluttered layout.

An internal steel frame fortifies each key on a high-quality mechanical switch, capable of enduring over 60 million keystrokes. This surpasses most membrane-type internal switches that tend to lack in durability. Moreover, the Clevy Keyboard’s design directs any spillages away from its internal electronics, thus providing a spill-proof feature.

With colors that are bright yet calming, the Clevy Keyboard offers not only durability and reliability but also an appealing look. The keyboard encourages kids to improve their computer usage, typing, and reading skills, making learning a comfortable and enriching experience.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard

Developers from Clevy and Alt redesigned the Clevy Keyboard after discovering its popularity among people with visual impairment. The redesign brings focus to the qwerty area with a white and black color scheme for increased visibility while keeping the keyboard’s vibrant colors.

Clevy Keyguard

The Clevy Keyguard features a calming, matted surface to prevent visual distractions. It fits perfectly over the Clevy Keyboards for a seamless typing experience and is compatible with all current models, colored, contrast, and wireless. As a protective case for the Clevy Keyboard, it enhances the keyboard’s longevity and makes typing a joy rather than a challenge.

Clevy Cover

Made from flexible silicone material, the Clevy Cover is a sturdy protective case for Clevy Keyboards against dirt and liquid damage. Its premium mattefied silicone offers a durable and easy-to-clean solution with a non-stick surface. It’s easy to maintain as you can clean it with a disinfectant wipe without removing it from the keyboard. The custom-made design makes it compatible with all Clevy Keyboards and is easy to install and remove.

small kids mouse for kids hands with Clevy mousemat

Clevy Kids Mouse

The Clevy Kids Mouse brings fun to learning computer peripherals for primary school kids. Its three buttons are vibrant and high-contrast. The blue left button, red right one, and green scroll wheel make differentiation effortless.

The design is kid-friendly and appealing. It fits perfectly into the hands of children aged 2-10 years, offering a safe choice for extended use. The size of the mouse, 100x55x35mm, promotes correct posture and a healthy learning environment.

Clevy Hearsafe

Clevy Hearsafe headphones ensure safe listening for kids. The volume is automatically limited to a safe 85dB, eliminating the need for parental controls. Its long 5 ft (1.5m) cable lets kids move freely while using stationary devices.

The headphones are durable and the cord has a coiled end, reducing breakage. The customizable case included with the headphones allows for personalization and keeps them clean.

Clevy Dyscover

Clevy Dyscover, a cover for the Clevy Keyboard, helps improve reading and writing skills. Especially beneficial for those with dyslexia, the cover and its software offer sound-based exercises. The software adapts the keys to the characters on the cover and integrates with all text converters.

Specific sounds are mapped to number keys, providing an engaging multi-sensory learning experience.

ABC Maestro

ABC Maestro, an educational software, offers interactive learning through games. It complements the Clevy Keyboard, providing exercises with spoken instructions and adapted images.

The software gives constructive feedback and is suitable for young learners and special needs students. It helps improve writing, typing, and reading skills. It is ideal for users facing various learning challenges and offers customizable settings. This promotes typing and writing skills improvement over time.

ABC Maestro software for kids in education

In summary, Clevy, an Alt. brand, produces assistive tech to boost accessibility and communication. They focus on those with motor impairments, kids, and individuals with low vision. A diverse, creative team develops these innovative solutions. The product line includes Clevy Keyboard, Clevy Contrast Keyboard, Clevy Keyguard, Clevy Cover, Clevy Kids Mouse, Clevy Hearsafe, Clevy Dyscover, and ABC Maestro.

The Clevy Keyboard offers a simple layout with large keys, and it is spill-proof and durable. The Clevy Contrast Keyboard improves visibility. The Clevy Keyguard and Cover protect the keyboard and enhance the user experience. The Clevy Kids Mouse is a fun tool for children. The Clevy Hearsafe delivers safe audio experience for kids. The Clevy Dyscover and ABC Maestro software empower individuals, particularly those with dyslexia, to hone their reading and writing skills.

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