Certified medical-grade screens

The Barco Eonis medical display, certified for healthcare use, offers full front and back cleanability. All connections are sealed for enhanced hygiene. Experience superior image quality with automatic light control and a DICOM preset. For improved SEO, consider adding relevant keywords like “medical-grade monitor” or “healthcare display” to your content.

High picture quality

The premium Eonis display delivers crystal-clear images with exceptional contrast and a broad viewing angle. Eonis leverages cutting-edge LED backlight technology, ensuring prolonged high brightness. Its distinctive front-mounted consistency sensor enables rapid startup and maintains luminance stability. For improved SEO, consider incorporating relevant terms such as “high-quality medical display” or “LED backlight technology” into your content.

Smart design

Smartly designed and fit for purpose, Barco’s Eonis display is ideal for clinical settings. Its versatile mounting and connection options enhance its intelligent design. The Eonis 24″ comes in both black and white versions, with choices including standard or high brightness, with or without a glass cover, touchscreen functionality, and the option for an internal or external power supply. To boost SEO, consider including relevant keywords like “clinical display” or “versatile medical monitor” in your text.

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